Commonly asked questions...

What did you do with your stuff?

Most of it was sold or given away. Some is in a climate controlled 10x20 storage unit in Little Rock, which we hope to empty out soon, or at least downsize to a smaller unit. We keep clothes we aren't traveling with at my dad's. Our SUV is in long term parking at whatever airport we flew out of. That's all the stuff we have except for what fits in two 19" carryons, my purse, Larry's laptop bag, and the clothes we are wearing.

Don't you miss your stuff?

We really don't! One of the things we hung onto was my beautiful white BMW Z4 convertible. It was my baby! My dream car! But after a year of it sitting in our son's garage when I barely ever thought of it and didn't miss it at all, I was ready to let it go. The normadic life is far better than stuff to us at this point in time.

Do you ever get homesick?

Sure we do! But not how you might think! We often feel "homesick" for the place we just left before we fall madly in love with the new place we just landed in! But homesick for our house or Little Rock? Not once!

What about your family?

We miss our kids and grandkids, of course! One son and his family live in Denver, CO and the other son and his family are currently traveling the world after having been in Pittsburgh, PA for the previous five years. Because of our lifestyle we see them all very frequently and know our 4 grandchildren well! We text, facetime, and photo share all the time too. A big part of our concept of Let's Live There is arranging lots of time to be with family - of going where they are and getting our own apartment near them for a month or so at a time. We have one parent left, my 93 year old dad, whom we both adore, and we arrange our travels to include trips back to see him every 6 to 9 weeks and we usually stay a week or two with him or longer depending on what he needs. If/when he needs us there more or even full time, we'll go. He's my dad! We'd do the same if one of the kids needed us.

How do you pay for it?

It's pretty simple. Without the costs of maintaining a home and a second car and all the extraneous junk I bought to decorate and update with, we have a lot more available funds to use! We live on our retirement checks and we are drawing social security. We don't touch our savings and can buy a house if we decide we want one. I keep track of every cent we spend using a couple of apps, so I know if we go overboard on one trip, we have to scale it back a bit on the next one.